Monday, December 14, 2015

Palmer Pletsch Pants Workshop

Last month I accomplished a dream that I've had for many years.  I went to a fitting workshop.  After years of looking at different workshops I decided on the Palmer Pletsch pants fit workshop.  I like the idea of using a printed pattern and draping it.  I've drafted my own patterns using Connie Crawfords' book and the Sure Fit Design kits.  These are both awesome ways to draft a pattern.  It is close, but still needs some work. I thought by learning how to fit using a tissue that I could use pre-printed patterns or ones that I had drafted using other techniques.  Plus the class was held in Portland, not to far from Seattle.

Patti Palmer was amazing!! I learned more that I could imagine.  Patti and her assistant Helen were the nicest folks.  So keep looking back for some really great fitting pants pictures.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Oliver & S After School Shirt

We are on vacation so I had the chance to make 4 after school shirts from Oliver & S.  They turned out super cute.  Amalia didn't have her hair brushed in the picture, but oh well.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Oliver & S Playtime Leggings

To continue on with the owl collection the girls needed some leggings.  I made 2 pairs of size 8 and 3 pairs of size 5 leggings for the little girls using Oliver & S Playtime Leggings.   Jay and I went to Portland for our anniversary last weekend and he so nicely humored me and went to Rose City Textiles.  I found this equestrian fabric.  It is thick, stretchy and very sturdy.  The perfect thing for winter outdoor leggings for the girls.  It sewed up like a dream!

Burda 9439 - Girls T-shirt

I was looking for a dressed up t-shirt to make for the little girls.  When we were at Fabric Depot last weekend I found Burda 9439, a super cute t-shirt with puffy sleeves.  I've never made a Burda pattern so I thought that I would break from my Jalie and Oliver & S patterns and give it a try.  This turned out cute to the max. The only difficulty I encountered with this pattern was copying it, I had to trace it a couple of times to get the correct size.  The fabric is Riley Blake's - Happy Flappers in knit.  I made 2 in size 5 for Alyssa and 2 in size 8 for Amalia.

More Oliver & S Yoga Pants

I know that I have a winning pattern when I make it over and over and then some more.  This is the case with Oliver & S's Nature Walk Yoga Pants.   I made 3 in size 5 for Alyssa and 2 in size 8 for Amalia.  The fabric was a chocolate ponte, I only purchased 4 yards and was quite happy that it made 5 pairs of pants.  The chocolate brown should coordinate with the Riley Blake - Happy Flappers.

Raglan T-Shirts in Happy Flappers

The little girls chose owls as their theme for this falls clothes.  I purchased quite a bit of Riley Blakes' Happy Flappers collection from  This is an Oliver & S Field Trip Raglan T-Shirt in two of the knits.  The turned out really cute!  There should be lots of owl themed items coming up.

Jalie #970 Relaxed Fit Jeans

I finished 4 pairs of these jeans a few weeks ago.  This is by far the best jeans pattern I've used.  I made 2 pairs with owls and 2 plain pairs in a brown lightly stretchy denim.  They turned out amazing, the pictures don't do them justice and the fit on the little girls is perfect!
Front View with owls - Size 5
Back view size 8.


Saturday, June 20, 2015


I went on a knitting spree.  I found these cute hat kits up in a yarn shop in Everett WA and bought them on a whim.  The kit is DMC's Top This! The blue and grey on on the end was some yarn from my stash and an attempt at making my own pattern.

Monday, May 4, 2015

More Comicon

Riley as Eowyn I used a Jalie t-shirt pattern.  Maria was Petra from Ender's Game in a blue jump suit.  I made the jump suit by putting together patterns from KWIK Sew for children.  I put the button down shirt and pants pattern together and put a zipper down the front.  Matthew was Frodo from Lord of the Rings.  I used the cape pattern from the Oliver and S book Little Things to Sew.  They made a cute bunch!!

Eowyn dress for Emerald City Comicon

This is an Eowyn dress that I made for Riley to wear to the Emerald City Comicon.  I modified a Jalie t-shirt pattern by extending it to ankle length in an A line.  It turned out awesome for Tuesday can you make me a costume for Friday request.  I used the rest of the grey knit to make some raglan sleeping t-shirts for Alyssa.

Oliver & S Raglan t-shirt and KWIK sew pants.

Here is the baby, yes time is flying by.  Here is one of of the things that I've completed in the last month.  It is an Oliver and S raglan t-shirt.  I fell in love with this pattern.  I ended up making 4 little sleeping raglan t-shirts for Alyssa using some leftover grey fabric from JoAnn's that I bought to make cos-play costume for Riley.  The pants are a 1 piece pajama pants pattern that I've had for a very long time from KWIK sew done in a seersucker that I had on hand.  

Wow time flies!

Well.  I've been sewing for the last 3 years, just not posting.  I've done a lot of sewing lately and hope to post some of it, but no promises.