Monday, May 4, 2015

More Comicon

Riley as Eowyn I used a Jalie t-shirt pattern.  Maria was Petra from Ender's Game in a blue jump suit.  I made the jump suit by putting together patterns from KWIK Sew for children.  I put the button down shirt and pants pattern together and put a zipper down the front.  Matthew was Frodo from Lord of the Rings.  I used the cape pattern from the Oliver and S book Little Things to Sew.  They made a cute bunch!!

Eowyn dress for Emerald City Comicon

This is an Eowyn dress that I made for Riley to wear to the Emerald City Comicon.  I modified a Jalie t-shirt pattern by extending it to ankle length in an A line.  It turned out awesome for Tuesday can you make me a costume for Friday request.  I used the rest of the grey knit to make some raglan sleeping t-shirts for Alyssa.

Oliver & S Raglan t-shirt and KWIK sew pants.

Here is the baby, yes time is flying by.  Here is one of of the things that I've completed in the last month.  It is an Oliver and S raglan t-shirt.  I fell in love with this pattern.  I ended up making 4 little sleeping raglan t-shirts for Alyssa using some leftover grey fabric from JoAnn's that I bought to make cos-play costume for Riley.  The pants are a 1 piece pajama pants pattern that I've had for a very long time from KWIK sew done in a seersucker that I had on hand.  

Wow time flies!

Well.  I've been sewing for the last 3 years, just not posting.  I've done a lot of sewing lately and hope to post some of it, but no promises.